Artificial Grass LUNA 30mm artificial grass for dogs (PU back material)

£23.99 sq m

Luna is a specialist pet product but sells to everyone because of its newly cut look. Now also in 5m wide for 2021!

30mm height overall but with lovely straight blades with a soft feel. The full PU backing does not absorb material or liquid where regular grasses can degrade and give off noxious odours in time.

Total Area (sq m)
Product Price


Pet Friendly Luna Artificial Grass. The perfect grass for dogs!

If you have pets, check when buying our grass product whether it is latex or polyurethane backed.

Most normal grasses (latex backed) are advertised as pet friendly – and pets do like artificial grass, its like a warm under blanket once it warms up with the sun!

However, Latex backing over a woven fabric will deteriate and rot if bacteria is allowed to build up.

No-one wants a smell lawn!

Yes, you can wash all grasses down with soapy water or a hose.

Yes, you can use specialist infill materials to absorb the urine etc, but they only slow down the bacteria build up that attacks and degrades the grass and regular backing materials.

Luna was created for a very specific purpose.

The 100% Polyurethane backing will not absorb pet mesh , so it wont degrade or give off odours with persistant use.

Try and find another like it. It took me 3 years to find this one!

It is not just functional, it looks really great too!

Many people buy it just because it has that “just cut” look.



Additional information

Weight 3.00 kg

PU Backing


27 300 points/m2





PILE Height

30mm (+-10%)



Total Weight

3.000 gr/m2

Yarn Type

PP (diamond shape ) & PE ( curly yarn)

Roll Width



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