Recyclable Artificial Grass ALIZEE 40mm in 4m wide & 5m wide

£24.99 sq m sqm

Welcome to the new RECYCLABLE Alizee artificial grass! One of the few grasses that can now be fully recycled after use!

When you want some luxury, this is the one you need, knowing it wont harm the environment.


Total Area (sq m)
Product Price


NEW FOR 2022! This new Alizee model can be RECYCLED after use! Most woven back grasses cannot be recycled at all.
The woven backing on most grasses in non recyclable so they need to go into landfill!

Specialist machinery is required to take the surface material off the backing but this is very costly.

This new model has the same wonderfully dark, rich colour and luxury feel as the original but has a recyclable backing on it now.
You can do your bit for the environment now too. Stocked in Edinburgh in both 4m and 5m wide!

Similar to the 30mm Aurelie but a little longer and darker with its tri-colour finish.
Aurelie is not recyclable but we expect this model to follow on soon.

Additional information

Weight 2850 kg

UV resistance PP cloth & non woven fabric


25 200 points/m2





PILE Height

40mm (+-10%)



Total Weight

2.850 gr/m2

Yarn Type

PP (diamond shape ) & PE ( curly yarn)

Roll Width



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